Whether your team is working from home or transitioning back into the office, it’s important to have the right types of IT services in place in order to successfully carry out business. Without a fast network, certain security measures or the ability to conduct video-calls, small businesses may find themselves struggling to properly service their customers. Here are four types of IT services that are key to ensuring your small business is able to navigate the current market with ease. 


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VoIP Solutions 

Over the past month, businesses have had to transition quickly from offices to remote work locations. Many changes had to be made, including phone-call forwarding to home offices and team member’s cell phones. As your business moves back into an office setting, you may want to consider implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which can help you avoid future phone-call forwarding headaches. VoIP makes it easy to receive and answer phone calls from anywhere, whether it be your office, cell phone, or even a laptop. With VoIP, you can also easily share important client voicemails with team members, and set up voicemail-to-text emails so that you’re alerted whenever you receive a new voicemail. VoIP solutions not only save money by eliminating phone lines and reducing long-distance call costs, but also grants small businesses stress-free mobility knowing that a client call will never be missed, even when no one is in the physical office. 


IT Security Solutions 

As a small business, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your network is secure, especially as you transition employees from home back into the office. If your employees were accessing the company network through their personal computers, you’ll want to make sure proper security measures have taken place prior to their transition back into the office environment, in order to protect private business data. Even if employees haven’t been working from home, small businesses need to ensure that their network is protected in order to prevent hackers and unauthorized access to computers and company data. 


Managed IT and Help Desk Services

When technology problems arise, troubleshooting can take time—time that business-owners don’t always have to spare, especially in the current climate. Instead of spending time Googling why the network is down, or why you can’t access a certain file in your online folder, make sure you have IT specialists who you can turn to whenever you need help. They’ll take the heavy lifting off your plate and allow you to focus on business while they focus on troubleshooting technological issues for your company. 


Structured Cabling Services 

If you have multiple offices, or if your work-from-home team is spread across multiple locations, it’s important to have a proper structured cabling system in addition to adequate connectivity to the Internet. This system will work with your Internet connection to provide faster speeds accessing the network, giving you faster load time accessing, uploading or downloading your network files—meaning no more frustration staring at the computer screen as things load. When you have a decent Internet connection and structured cabling, your system will be able to deliver more data at increased performance, and can help your team work together to serve clients even faster than before. 


IntelligentIT can assist you with one or all of these types of IT services for your small business. Call today and ask how we can help! 

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